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What is Office Regenerator ?

Office Regenerator is a complex solution to help computer users recover data, specifically Microsoft documents and files. Nowadays data recovery is a very critical when we processing sensitive information, since these files are prone to many high risks and threats. For example:

  • Tons of malware and computer viruses attack computers via deleting necessary system files and users private information.
  • Everyday computer users loses their documents because of Hard disk drives failures and damages. (Check out HDD Regenerator to fix hard disk damages).
  • Microsoft office documents often gets corrupted when the application or the operating system crashes leading to the loses of these information.
  • Or simply you have just deleted the file accidentally.

In any of the above incidents, Office Regenerator is all whats required to bring your data back and recover your lost files, regardless if they were corrupted, deleted or overwritten by other system files. In addition, Office Regenerator performs these complex data recovery process on all versions files formats like NTFS, FAT, deleted disk partitions and even reformatted disks.

Office Regenerator

How Office Regenerator recovers corrupted files

Office Regenerator follow a unique approach in recovering corrupted files than the typical technique which many in the data recovery industry follows. As most data recovery tools tries to retrieve the corrupted document from a single file which most likely wont be successful in recovering all the data in the documents. On the other hand, Office Regenerator retrieve the documents data from the entire disk which ensure minimum data loss and a highly successful file recovery.


How Office Regenerator recovers deleted and overwritten files

Deleted files are not gone forever as many people would believe, thus, they are scattered on the entire disk as bits and pieces and when it comes to recovering these deleted documents Office Regenerator will go thru the entire disk gathering those bits and pieces and place it back together in one file. In the case of deleted files sits on the disk for a while without recovery, eventually the operating system would starts to overwrite the deleted documents. However, Office Regenerators have the ability to “regenerate” the overwritten documents from the file fragments found on the disk leading to the full restoration of the original document.

How Office Regenerator recover files from deleted partitions and reformatted disks

Office Regenerator is also capable of restoring your documents even if you deleted your disk partitions or formatted the entire hard disk drive. In fact, the process of regenerating data from all versions of NTFS and FAT is how Office Regenerator restore your deleted documents and display them as if they were never been deleted !


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Office Regenerator Specification

1. Recover Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint 97 - 2010 documents
2. Recover deleted, corrupted and overwritten documents
3. Scan the physical disk due to the support of all versions of NTFS and FAT
4. Recover documents from deleted partitions and re-formatted disks
5. Easy search recovered documents

Minimum system requirements
* Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
* Additional partition for recovered documents (not required, but highly recommended)
* Sufficient free space on destination disk to store recovered documents
* Under 64-bit operating system Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 (with latest updates from Microsoft) is required

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