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What is HDD Regenerator ?

HDD Regenerator is a powerful solution to help fixing Hard Disk Drives, which stores and saves all your sensitive information. One of the most critical problem with Hard Drives is bad sectors. Bad sectors causes many serious issues for computer users, for instance:

  • Your computer becomes slow due to the difficulties in reading and accessing data from your Hard Disk.

  • Your operating system starts to crash more often and becomes less responsive.

  • Your computer can’t boot up any more.

  • After all, your sensitive information which is stored on the Hard Disk is prone to the risk of losing it forever !

Here’s where the HDD Regenerator does its magic in restoring or “regenerating” all the bad sectors on your Hard Disk Drive surface in order to be reused again. In addition, HDD Regenerator will regenerate any bad sectors regardless of Hard Disk type, operating system used or the filesystem. This is due to the nature of HDD Regenerator which works at the physical level rather than the logical one. Hence, all of your corrupted and inaccessible information on the Hard Disk are now readily available and restored.

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How HDD Regenerator works

Damaged Hard Disk Drives can be caused by several issues, however about 60% of all the issues comes to having an incorrectly magnetized disk surface. In order to fix this wide spreaded disk issue, HDD Regenerator invented a sophisticated algorithm which can “regenerate” the damaged disk surface and return it back to life! And what makes this approach really effective in fixing various hard disk drives is its hardware independent, regardless of what type of hard drive it is or what file format is stored on it, HDD regenerator will repairs the bad sectors and fixes the damage without affecting the information stored on the disk drive. Even low-level formatting cant repair such bad sectors damage. 


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